Thursday, November 7, 2019

If You Like the Mitford Series...

If You Like the Mitford Series... You might also like these books! Inspired by a post in the Facebook group of Mitford readers I'm in, I thought I'd share some books I recommend for those who are looking for more gentle comfort reads like the Mitford series. These books all deal with adult topics, but leave out adult language and scenes. All have Christian themes, or are Christian fiction. Links will take you to the Goodreads series page (all images via Goodreads). Happy comfort reading!

Fairacre and Thrush Green: Before I read the Mitford series, I loved the Miss Read books, by Dora Saint aka Miss Read. She has two main series, Fairacre and Thrush Green. I own all of these in paperback and enjoy re-reading whenever I need to feel the comfort of a fictional visit to the English countryside (the Cotswolds, to be exact). Everyday comforts and travails, nature, friendship, romance, and community are central to Miss Read's books.

All Creatures Great and Small: James Herriot's novels about a vet in England's Yorkshire Dales are beloved and entertaining. I also like the TV series, and am looking forward to the new reboot as well.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith's series about Botswana detective Precious Ramotswe is a favorite. It's a series grounded in compassion and kindness. I've read the series multiple times, and will have a series review once I read the twentieth book later this month, I hope.

The Sugar Lake series: This new series by K.M. Jackson is sweet romance set in a fictional lakeside town in the American South. The memorable cast of characters and setting make for a comforting, entertaining series so far. I especially love feisty Aunt Joyce!

Trumpet and Vine: These two books by Judy Christie are Christian romance/fiction that have depth and are also engaging and sweet.

Ladies of Covington: I haven't read this series in some time, but I remember it as being like a sweeter Golden Girls, set, like Mitford, in North Carolina, about three older women who embark on new lives together.

Dearest Dorothy: A sassy older woman, Dorothy is fun and funny. I haven't read this in years, but I still remember being entertained by Dorothy's capers and caring.

Harmony series: Phillip Gulley's series contains his dry wit and compassion. It's similar to the Mitford series in that it follows the pastor of a small town, and has a large cast of characters who can be exasperating but also lovable.

Lake Emily trilogy: Traci Dupree's series is one I haven't read since before my sons were born (they're teens now). I recall it being both heartwrenching and heartwarming.

Hope Springs series: Lynne Hinton's series follows a group of women in a small Southern town whose friendships sustain and enrich them.

Do you have any gentle fiction favorites?

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