Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday Watching: Loving

Yes, it's still Firth February, so why am I reviewing a movie that doesn't have Colin Firth in it? Because he's one of the producers! 😊 According to Wikipedia, he was instrumental in getting this beautiful film off the ground. Apparently, Firth became interested in American history and culture while filming in North Carolina. Loving (2016, PG-13) is set in late 1950s/1960s Virginia, where, at the time, interracial marriage was illegal. It's the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a real-life couple whose case went to the Supreme Court and changed the laws concerning interracial marriage. Though depicting a sweeping historical change, this film is intimate, quiet, and loving toward its characters, as they are toward each other. Ruth Negga (Mildred) and Joel Edgerton (Richard) inhabit their characters with quiet grace and dignity, showing their strengths and weaknesses, and their love for each other and their families. Truly, Loving is a beautiful film, its almost leisurely pacing and muted sets and costumes the perfect match to the characters and their story. There's no big action, loud histrionics, or crude language or humor here--it's a well-crafted, engaging love story of two people who, in living their lives with integrity and courage, change American history. Have you seen Loving?

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