Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pride and Prejudice (1995), Episode 3: Return of the Proposal

In the aftermath of the Collins Strike...Charlotte is eminently practical
Lizzy is a bit stuck in her own assumptions (prejudice much, Miss Lizzy B?)
Jane is all goodness
Is Lizzy really that taken in by Wickham?
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Lyds, you little flirt, and she takes after her mum.
Ah Mrs B sees Lizzy's sly smile and is displeased.
Poor Jane, ditched:
I have nothing to reproach him with...echoes of Sense & Sensibility.
Lizzy you schemer...getting Jane to London...shades of Mrs B.
Lizzy seems more understanding of Wickham trying to marry for comfort than Char.
Mr B will miss Lizzy.
Lady C...all the sisters out!
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Col Fitzwilliam has easy manners. Catch on, Lizzy.
Darcy ignores Collins.
She's got him all flustered. Ha!
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Tease on, Lizzy!
Darcy all like, quit haunting me woman;
Nah girl I'm so in luv.
Ha! I am not afraid of you.
He's thinking of Wickham.
Trying to find common ground.
Was he waiting for the Collins's to leave so he could get Lizzy alone?
Darcy like, oops, I said too much
The men are kind of gossips.
Darcy all: Hope you're feeling better cause I'm not; you've bewitched me, so I can't stay still.
No preamble: boom, a proposal
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I can't help it, girl, I luvs you.
Are you begging, Darcy?
Lizzy: Set. Him. Down.
Was he really expecting a yes?
Jealous much, Darcy? Supercilious too.
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Burn! Go get you some burn cream, Darcy. Halfway through, and so much has happened!
Lizzy has so much to hide.

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