Monday, February 25, 2019

Pride and Prejudice (1995), Episode 2: The Collins Strikes

I noticed so much more on this viewing of P & P. Does that happen to you?
I've seen this miniseries at least ten times, yet it's fresh and fun.
As with my ramblings on Episode One, there are spoilers here, just in case.
So, episode two. First, David Bamber's portrayal of Mr. Collins--

Image result for air kiss gif

deserves sweet air kisses from Tom Hiddleston. :)
And here we are back at Longbourn.

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Mr Collins (doing his duty to find a wife!) scoping out his cousins,
with Mrs B directing him away from Jane.
And there's Wickham. Lizzy, don't be taken in by his charm!

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Lizzy's smiles, Darcy's scowls. They are both going to get schooled. By love. ;)
Lyds on a tear--poor Mr. Collins. So scandalized.
This Mary seems to be eyeing Collins. Poor Mary. In for a disappointment.
At Aunt Phillips'

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The ball...
Darcy stalking, observant.

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He seems to take malicious glee in watching Collins bumbling around Lizzy.
They dance!
Bingley looking at Jane is adorbs.

Image result for mr bingley

Cringy family!
Snobbery and set downs

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Collins' proposal..a practiced spiel.
Oh lord, the tantrum of Mrs. B.
And there's Charlotte

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Oops the histrionics failed Mrs B. "An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth..." Ha!
Lydia and Kitty, off to find fun.
Hum, that pause of Charlotte's...did she have a plan?
Oh, Mr. Collins! Poor Mrs. suitor down. Will she recover?
I think so, but we don't see much of it, as Lizzy goes off to visit Charlotte in
Episode Three for Return of the Proposal.

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