Friday, February 22, 2019

Pride and Prejudice (1995): Episode 1--New Hopes

This is my rambling take on Pride and Prejudice (1995), Episode 1. New Hopes for Mrs. Bennet, wherein plans are made and schemes are played. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't seen it (or read the book--if so, who are you and how did you get here? :) ...maybe go watch it first? It's available on many streaming sites and on DVD.

Cue the music! Release the hounds! Darcy, a question for you: Why is the society more savage at Meryton than Lambton? Hum. Snobbery alert! There's our intrepid heroine running about. She looks circumspect about going into the house. Oh, classic eye rolls!

Yes, Mrs. B, they will tear your nerves to shreds, but you'll mend. Ha! Lydia's snort-laugh. Poor Hill, you've got a job of work. And there's Jane placating. I swear Mrs. B looks like she's flirting when she's complaining to Mr. B.

Oh, Lyds, you're all about the appetites, aren't you? What doesn't test Mrs. B's nerves? They're off to a party! Mary doesn't look like she wants to dance... (Don't you wanna dance, say you wanna dance?)

Capital! Capital! "Smile, girls, smile..." Ah, some things never change. How can anyone think Jane isn't interested in Bingley? Duh, she's blushing, and her pleased smile! Darcy--he rarely dances. Oh, really?

"The very rich can afford to give offence." Ha! Laugh at him, Lizzie, that's the ticket.
Caro looks like she ate off cheese. (Anna Chancellor does haughty so well.)
Never say never, Lizzie. You're easily astonished, Mr. Darcy. "She smiles too much"--my kind of man.
Does Charles hold the pursestrings? So they're nice to Jane? Who else has Jane liked?
The redcoats have come! Poor Darcy, ha!
It's Queen Victoria and Queen Mum! (Mrs. Forster, played by Victoria Hamilton)
Jonathan Firth (Colin Firth's brother!) & Victoria Hamilton in
Victoria & Albert (2001)
Victoria Hamilton as Queen Mary/Queen Mum in The Crown

Lydia is Scarlett O'Hara. Lyds, that look.
Darcy likes poking at people... much like Mr. B...hum. Darcy's so smitten, ha!
Nice waistcoat, Mr. Bennet.

Jane is invited to Netherfield. Poor Jane--no carriage for you! Mrs B: schemer extraordinaire.
Walk, Lizzie, cause Lizzie doesn't need to do her own laundry! Charles is all about Jane's comfort...awww.
La! to have people up in your business. How did Charles end up with those sisters?
Darcy is totally throwing shade at Caro. Poor Lizzie and Charles having to manage everyone.

Caro, do NOT interrupt my reading!

A lot happened! On Monday we'll ramble through Episode 2--The Collins Strikes.

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