Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Finds: Christmas Movies

Even though I wasn’t feeling particularly festive this year, I ended up watching a pretty big (for me) line-up of Christmas movies. Aside from the usual White Christmas, The Bishop’s Wife, Miracle on 34th Street, and It’s a Wonderful Life, I took advantage of a few evenings of Netflix and Hulu availability to watch some modern romance-centric movies.
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I started off with The Princess Switch (2018) on Netflix, which is a cute and sweet movie suitable for teens and up. This is one of the best of those I watched—all the leads are likable, and the supporting cast is solid too. 

Then, on Hulu, The Rooftop Christmas Tree (2016) turned out to be better than I’d expected; though predictable, I enjoyed the romance between the two lawyers who have to work together, and seeing Tim Reid, who starred in a few shows I watched when I was younger.

Next was Naughty and Nice (2014)—I really like Haylie Duff as a therapist-turned-radio host, who spars with a banished DJ from Los Angeles, and her mom, played by Maureen McCormick. There are some cute scenes between the leads, as well as with the secondary characters. I like how the male lead grows and brings joy to Duff’s character, and she grounds him in something more than his previous shallow lifestyle. 

His and Her Christmas (2005) didn’t hold much appeal for me, though I was interested because it’s set in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is about two journalists who clash in print before they meet. There are sweet moments, but overall, it falls flat, and it throws me out of the story when they’re clearly not in the San Francisco area (I imagine this happens a lot, and I don’t spot it with places I’m not familiar with).

The Christmas Calendar(2017) is another predictable but sweet tale, of a lawyer who takes over her late grandmother’s bakery just before Christmas, and is left a mystery Christmas calendar that engages the small town. I watched it while doing some baking of my own.

The March Sisters at Christmas (2012) left me disappointed, and is more suitable for adults (language and suggestive situations), even though the cast was good, as it didn’t ring true to the March family for me.

By then it was twelfth night, so I switched over to checking out a free trial of Hallmark Movies Now, which I’ll talk about next Friday.
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Overall, I recommend The Princess Switch and The Rooftop Christmas Tree for something to watch for the romantic in you, or even with your family or friends. I’m hoping to catch more next year. Did you have any holiday movie favorites this season?

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