Thursday, July 26, 2018


Photo via Pexels, courtesy Pixabay 

I mean the dessert, though I had fun mentioning this food in my first book when the hero feels like he's acting a fool, all because of love. You can get the book, A Gentleman's Daughter: Her Choice (a sweet Regency romance), free for the next month (until August 26) if you subscribe to my newsletter! Click here for the Bookfunnel link (you'll have to enter your email address to download, which will be used only to subscribe you to my newsletter. You can opt out at any time.)
Fool as a dessert goes back hundreds of years, and is a perfect summer dessert in its cool simplicity. It's just crushed fruit, sugar, and whipped cream, really, depending on the recipe. Click here for a recipe from BBC Good Food. I like strawberry best, what about you?

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